Wednesday, November 03, 2004

you're just like an angel

having a raiohead kind of day. not really in a bad way. may have to do with the whole sleeping with cnn on thing. also got some great work news-no more crying here. its a bit chilly and rained last night. and i spent an hour on the phone with a friend switching news programs to see how many different results we could get. seriously. every channel was different. i think 7 agreed with cbs. 2 was always way up. and 4 was in the middle. 5 likes commercials. i think all these have brought a calmness. maybe whatever i listened to this am made a difference also.

ah the cold. was going to wear skirts and boots lots this year. right now i am nursing a knee weirdness. my boots go well with knees that work. flats go well with those that don't, so i wore my skirt with flats the other day. no worries, i had fishnets.

my closet has become a bit of a surprise. besides the moving-and-not-really-knowing-where-stuff-is-yet thing and the weather change, i had gained, um, some, weight and was quite stubborn in the buying of new clothes. then i bought a few pairs of pants. so now i have all different sizes. but now i have joined weight watchers to try and lose the weight i gained and the weight i was already trying to take off. (although i go to the gym 5-6 times a week, i am not skinny in any way. i hate to diet because ive had an eating disorder and it makes me nervous to put actual restrictions on food into my head) so now i've lost 15 pounds. i have to sit in front of my closet and try on everything to see what fits. it is strange how two pairs of pants in the same size from the same store can fit so differently.

hopes for a happy and calm day go out to all.


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