Thursday, October 21, 2004

Reasons Many Red Sox Fans Bug Me

Besides that they won this series of course...and i will say that they played a good game and all, this is not about the game. these are all things i would have said either way.

  • okay....are we in nursery school? we deserve to win the world series because we haven't in a really long time. baseball isn't about taking turns, its about, well, baseball. the team that doesn't let that home run get hit, catches the ball correctly, etc goes on.
  • go to a bar in boston in yankees gear. get killed and drink no beer. go to a bar in new york in red sox gear, people are nice cause they feel bad for you. i know a girl in rhode island who was refused a SANDWICH at a deli for wearing a yankee hat. in rhode island. not during a game. come on people.
  • yankees are evil, but last night when the red sox won, yankee stadium played sinatra's new york, new york which is played after games the yankees win. classy gesture. never would be done in boston.
  • last defensive out, you are up by 7 with 2 guys on. change the pitcher? i know ya think you're cursed but the worst that happens is a home run. one out and 4 runs down. change the pitcher then. i'd still have hope, but then i always do.
  • is it helpful for the entire stadium to go dead when the other teams start winning? cause if boston's down a run you can hear a pin drop at fenway...
  • unless the other pitcher has a two syllable name you can whine at him. it was quite nice to see the yankee fans do it to pedro.

i guess i'll stop now. i am not saying that red sox fans don't have their yankee fan hating reasons. but these are some of mine.

congrats to the sox. GO ASTROS CARDS (I guess, I actually think they rock, but was pulling for Houston).

and i swear ill be back soon.