Friday, September 10, 2004


i see now that there are many things that i absolutely should try to find in my many many boxes.

like my travel toiletry bottles. sounds completely like something i could do without for a while. not like i'm going anywhere. oh yeah, the gym. and i bought a 16oz conditioner that i'm carrying everywhere. with all of the rest of my "i need this every day" stuff. today i have 2 pairs of sneakers (neither being worn, of course). i don't even pack light to walk out of the house. people always ask me if i am going on vacation. nope, just the gym and work.

and i need to unpack my books so that i can put them in the bottom of my bookshelves to weigh them down and make an imprint on the carpet. cause they fall over. um...i don't remember this when i used to have carpets. these don't seem overly plush. but stuff topples. cant have that.

and although i know exactly where they are (in garbage bags on my floor of course) i need to unpack the rest of my clothes. what do normal people pack clothes/shoes/bags in? i had 20 garbage bags and only like 30 boxes. i guess if the movers didn't think it was strange, it can't be too bad.

oh and silverware maybe. i know the box says silverware, so that shouldn't be too hard. but i plan on going food shopping, take-out usually comes with utensils.

and the coffee maker. and filters. how much shall we wager that they are in different boxes?

not sure about dish soap either.

at least its friday. i can wait on the toiletry bottles until monday. but this coffee thing is getting me down.


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