Monday, September 20, 2004


i forgot to charge my ipod all weekend. i usually forget to charge on weekends probably because i can always do it later. then monday morning comes and i can't even make it into work on my battery. so this morning i was a bit more alert than usual, and the escalator ot 59th wasn't working so i wasn't moving as fast. i saw a guy carrying a bowl and spoon in his hand. not in a bag, just like he was ready to take another bite. this cracked me up.

subways were crazy all weekend. friday i tried to go home and they wanted me to go downtown to go uptown. wasn't something i was up for at the late hour. so saturday when it was again late and time to go home, cab it was again. i spent about 50 bucks on cab rides this weekend, which isn't so bad, but i prefer the subway. when i was about 16 i was in a small accident in a cab. so far i have been quite lucky on the subway. cheaper, and doesn't scare me-looks like a plan.


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