Tuesday, September 14, 2004


I saw a woman on the train with the prettiest necklace. it was simple with these 3 red flowers. I want it. if i see her with it (well, i doubt i would know it was her without it) i will ask her where it is from because i can not find anything similar. i did find pink skull drop earrings that may be perfect for me at tarina tarantino though. they are pretty skulls. pur-fect.

i must have had a rough morning-i bought cookie dough during lunch. no not cookie dough ice cream, a tube of dough. and i just remembered that in high school, my friend and i would walk to 7-11 almost every day and smoke cigarettes (marlboro reds then), eat cookie dough and drink jolt cola. one day we found that the combination was making us ill so we started drinking cola slurpees with a little cherry slurpee on top. in college we (not her and i we, but myself and others) walked to the convenient store with the cheapest smokes and everywhere else. more walking, less calories, more cigarettes, and i gained many pounds. strange.

the high school friend and i went to 7-11 before school for blow pops and jolt. mmmmmm breakfast.


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