Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Moving and Little Happys

the move went well. packing was awful. a few tips:
- ladies: do not pack any nail files. it does not matter how many you think you know where to find. you will break nails and not find a file anywhere.
- buy boxes. if you find boxes, they will suck. liquor store boxes are alright as they are fairly well reinforced. but they are small.
- dont let friends help you pack. i hate packing more than the next person, but your friends will think a room is done but missed your margarita glass salter and an entire cabinet in the bathroom. even if they begged you to let them help you. im not moving again until i can afford packers and movers.
- your friends can come watch you pack. this is good for getting rid of stuff. and conversation. and someone to play the tunes. and when you hit your head on the corner of the open cabinet door.
- get someone to hang out with you while the movers are there. the movers may need water (your glasses are packed) or something. and they'll ask you to get it at a store. and you will need to leave all of your precious belongings along with those you don't care about with people you met that morning.

i have more, i will post them as i remember them.

by the way, my movers were great. if you need a mover, email me and ill give you the info. wasn't too expensive either.

and on to the happys, i had been soaking wet since 7:30 this morning when i exited the apartment. i just sat in front of a heater for about 90 minutes. i am still damp.

but its all ok. because im wearing some urban decay lip gunk (i think its swf) and whenever i wear it i get glitter all over me. its like a party. makes me happy. i amuse easily.


Blogger shivery said...

you need never have an excuse for glitter. glitter is a wonderful, wonderful thing. and really good for lifting the mood!

September 9, 2004 at 4:33 PM  

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