Friday, September 24, 2004


the other day i had a rough one. but i barely remember why anymore. because before i actually left the apartment it got terrible. no more ipod. it fell down. i hear all of these people crack their screens and the thing plays fun. nope. not mine. nothing. i found this difficult to deal with at 7:30am. i should have called in sick.

but i should have another new one soon. it seems that all the things i plan to do "eventually" have been sped up on me. i planned to move at some point. i was forced to. i planned to buy a new ipod like next march and give this one to a friend, but now its dead. this is difficult for me. i can't walk around with a cd player. no choices. i like that the shuffler doesn't see anything wrong with putting the casualties after allison krauss. i couldn't do that on my own. but now, listening to my music on my computer, i went from a pennywise cover of minor threat to ben lee to helmet. and i can live for a week on cds. maybe ill just bring ones bought since the ipod. i have many cds where i don't staart singing the next song. i have never listened to them. put them on the the ipod...done. ill manage.

spending the money on the ipod did kind of change my weekend plans though. but im sure ill find something to keep me occupied. happy friday. waited for this one all week.


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