Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Daytime Fun

So work lately has been something other than great. my friends all think i have it great because i make a good amount of money. but i don't know how much i would need to be paid to stay in my department for another month. it's that bad. i am blamed for all sorts of strange things even when i forward emails with my boss telling me what to do (wrong) back to him. yet he is first to tell people that i am in error. on and on it goes. luckily i should be out of there soon. but until then, i find that going back to work after lunch is quite difficult. i have bought cookie dough, crayons, taken long walks to nowhere, etc. all to convince myself that i will make it through the afternoon.

but it will be ok soon. please. well, if it doesn't change, i'll look for a new job. because i am way too young to hate what im doing for that much of my time. i think that makes it worse. i sold out. little me would kick my ass. at least i don't wear a suit anymore. maybe it's time for a change anyway. i was hoping to last at this company for at least another year. then i will be in a better career spot where i could work at an entirely different kind of company. i have to study as part of my job, it's a long story, but then i would have reached another level. studying doesn't get done much either though. stressed all day goes more with movies and beer at night...not more stress.

so all day im kind of....annoyed i guess. i think i take it out on the tourists. i wish more people would understand that the sidewalks are more like roads here. you wouldn't just stop short and look around on a highway would ya? at least pull over. and you don't call up all your friends and drive next to each other screaming through the windows. i understand that there are times where the walk on right pass on left doesn't work, but try. for me. don't even get me started on the people handing out flyers. under the scaffolding. we need more obstacles.


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