Thursday, August 26, 2004

Still No Fun

So waking up and writing a post titled "no fun" may not be a good way to start a day...

i even thought id been drinking last night. i had gone to sleep at 10:30, no alcohol, just some frozen yougurt in my system. when i woke up, i was dehydrated, hungry, and could not handle makeup or shoes that do not flip and flop. i stumbled on my way to work. i almost freaked on the train. some guy was screaming his conversation to his buddy. i couldn't see the guy, but i could hear his entire conversation. now, i rarely leave the house without headphones blaring. today was no exception. this guy was LOUD. luckily i was getting off at the next stop. some more stumbling, and a sushi-for-breakfast offering later, i made it to work. with a bagel, thanks, no sushi.

but now it is almost that wonderful time when i get to go home. one more day and then a week + off. much needed.


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