Friday, August 27, 2004

The Happy Home

i went to put a deposit down on my new place last night. i met the guy who lives upstairs and he seems really nice. even offered to help me move. it seems that he and the couple moving out get along well and are friendly. i dont think they even close the inner doors. at my place now, the guy who lives downstairs is afraid of me and still doesn't recognize me after 5 years. so it seems like a very happy place.

so of course after going there i was in a fabulous mood and decided to go out for a drink. well, my local bar was on my way-ish, so i had to, right? nothing too exciting, but i got to watch the yankees win (oh guy upstairs was wearing a yankee hat-at least he'll know why im screaming at the tv) and had some fun. no hangover, even danced around a bit this morning. now once i make it to this evening, i don't have to work until the tuesday after labor day. fun will be had, even with the move. my friend from home said she'd come help me pack one day and bring candy. how sweet.


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