Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Firsties first post. no backstory.

i am looking for a new apartment. i saw a place i loved yesterday, shown by the current tenants. was told to give the landlord a call and tell him about myself. called the 2 numbers given, left 2 messages, have not been called back. since about 7 last night. the tenants thought i would be exactly what the landlord wanted. i am financially stable, would live there for years, and am 1 person.

i didn't want to move in the first place. i am being forced out by a hurricane that didn't come close to me. lovely. i hate moving and i have more stuff than any person should. so i want to stay in my general area. i like it here. im happy with it. this place is close to my place now, but nicer. and of course more expensive, but what can you do. and its a block away from 3 of my friends. i'll call the guy again after lunch. tell him im a dream.


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